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Our Mission


just b. brings yoga onsite to businesses around Denver, making yoga accessible and convenient for all levels. The themes and sequences of our classes cater specifically to the psychological and physical needs of urban professionals, with a focus on posture, hip opening, and the upper and lower back. We transform your space into a yoga sanctuary where mindfulness can be cultivated, an hour of peace can be obtained, and a deeper connection with self can be actualized. 

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The Foundations



At rest we only use 20% of our lung capacity. just b. sequences open the chest and heart to allow one to breathe deeply and fully into the lungs. Vinyasa is defined as the linking of breath with movement; we will guide the practice, cueing breath and posture, to help students cultivate a practice of moving meditation.


Life is a balancing act - our careers, our family, our relationships and our personal interests. Finding stability amidst all the chaos can be a challenge. just b. classes teach students to tap into their physical body, their mind, and their senses, helping to make balance effortless and natural on and off the mat.


We get it, we are working professionals too and understand that finding even thirty minutes to yourself can feel impossible. Forget about traffic or remembering your mat, just b. teachers come prepared with everything you need. We provide mats, straps, blocks, and blankets - all we request is your presence.



Hear from our Clients

BOOJ, Denver Colorado

"For anyone on the fence about going to yoga, you really should give it a shot. It's a great class and is about as safe of a space you could ask for if you are nervous about trying yoga."

Brenden Thornsberry, Quality Assurance, at booj

"With a bad knee and fear of not being able to do the poses, I was apprehensive to start attending a yoga class. just b. made it easy for me to get involved and the teacher created an inviting environment that made me feel comfortable to go at my own pace. She was attentive, providing modifications for all ranges of ability. After a month of attending class, I am able to do some of the intermediate poses! I look forward to class every week and can't believe I didn't start sooner!"

- Mike Tobin, Front End Developer, booj


"Since implementing weekly yoga classes, I have seen new connections form between members and can feel a stronger sense of community throughout the space. Kelsey and Sam are professional, warm-hearted, and provide a much-needed service to our overworked entrepreneurs.

I give several tours of the space per day, and more than any other recurring event, our prospective members always show the most excitement about Tuesday Night Yoga. I have no doubt that it has been a tipping point for more sign-ups and it continues to provide opportunities for informal, friendly networking among our new and current members."

- Christina Brandt, Manager at Green Spaces


Meet the Instructors


Samantha and Kelsey were stuck in a room together for nine hours a day, five days a week, for four weeks straight. This was just enough time to spark the idea for just b. After the completion of their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at Kindness Collective, and obtaining their Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) yoga teacher certifications with Breathe on Board, they quickly realized that they had more than just yoga in common. Their passion for mindfulness and a balanced lifestyle, paired with the observation of their individual work environments opened their eyes to just how quickly yoga could change the quality of life for their fellow co-workers. Casual conversations turned into action items, action items turned into investments, and so just b. was born. When not practicing yoga you can find Samantha and Kelsey on a hike, at a local brewery, or dancing to Beyonce (which may be be incorporated into classes upon request).